The Community Action for Spaceship Earth (CASE) initiative came from an educational network ENIRDELM which is dedicated to improving educational leadership and management. CASE is targeted on a broader readership than only educators. It provides resources to inform all citizens about the coming threats to Spaceship Earth and all its passengers. The documents in this section are, however, related to all levels of education.

CRITIQUE – Western-educational remains within economic  growth paradigm thus contributes to existential threats (NORRAG article)

PERSONAL ACTION Calculate and record your ecological footprint  using the Global Footprint Network’s calculator. A personal examplemea culpa; What to tell the children?   – a mother’s thoughts on fast or slow annihilation;

ECO-HEROESVogt and Borlaug; Monbiot – call for radical action re: earth death spiral; Daniel Christian Wahl – video presentation on Regeneration of Planetary Health;

COMMUNITY ACTION – Suing governments for climate change – Portuguese students act. Planting trees – many good reasons that enhance well-being. Retrosuburbia – permaculture in the suburbs (David Holmgren); Traffic solutions; Pressure groups; Legal actions against climate change; March 2018 Portugal 100% renewable! Extinction Rebellion; Students protest;

CORPORATE ACTION WEF Doughnut challenge; agroecology vs. industrial agriculture;  

GOVERNANCE – constitutional change for Earth Citizenship against the corruption of politics by special corporate interests.

GLOBAL ACTIONProposal for UN Population Framework Strategy; Legal action against plastics pollution; Plant-based plastic; Foreign aid vs. plastic pollution; WWF video – Fight for the World (1.5 mins.)

CLASS TEACHING – The-ESD-world– a schema for education for sustainability. [LOtC = Learning outside the classroom; LINE = Learning in the natural environment]; Permaculture Pedagogy – ‘What will we teach our children in order to help them to weather and manage change in a highly unpredictable and crisis fraught future & to become highly caring, engaged, conceptually deep and critical thinking individuals who will be able to create the solutions that are needed? Big History a 12 min video jokey episode on the “Anthropocene and the near future” from an on-line series “Crash Course”; Education and Survival;

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