An initial example of the CASE approach: The ”Saving Spaceship Earth” Introductory Workshop

A global perspective was introduced to Polish upper secondary school students in an interactive participatory workshop – “Saving Spaceship Earth”. The content and methods can easily be adapted for all four of the target groups above. The workshop plan and power-point presentation are available on the CASE website. In the workshop future scenarios are explored to emphasize the urgency of taking ‘glocal’ action, of behaving as ‘global citizens’ or ‘glocal agents’ dedicated to sustaining a healthy planet.

The inter-disciplinary science findings about human impact and a sustainable future are not cheerful, so it is important to encourage a sense of agency in the minds of students, a belief that they really can become ‘doctors’ who can help heal the planet in a whole variety of ways or, using the Spaceship metaphor, help to maintain a safe operating space (SOS) for the passengers. Every small step made for SOS by individuals and communities can  build hope and make a difference. The natural idealism of young people when combined with a concern for their own future offers great potential once released.

Following the workshop small group projects of problem-based learning were undertaken to investigate specific issues and ‘glocal’ community action. This website has many easily accessible free on-line resources to support such investigations and planning.