Corbyn’s Green Credentials

The unexpected election Jeremy Corbyn to become leader of the UK Labour Party has seen a flood of grassroots  support for his principles that has overtaken the pragmatism of the Labour Party centrists who see his chances of gaining power in 2020 as minimal, given the massive hold on the electorate of ‘business-as-usual.

In this article Corbyn outlined his principle of giving priority to ‘people and planet’ ahead of ‘profit’ to reverse the values of neo-liberal wealth creation and concentration and exponential GDP  increase as the predominant measure of prosperity.

The editor of the Resilience news site, in re-publishing this piece writes: Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide victory for leadership of the British Labour Party will change the landscape of world politics. His stands are far to the left of the Labour Party of the last 20 years, in the same way that Bernie Sanders is to the left of the Democratic Party leadership in the U.S.  In fact, Corbyn is probably closer to the Green Party than to the Blairite wing of Labour.

The original article was published in he Ecologist on 07.08.15.


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