Love of transport

This blog from Jeremy Williams offers a breakdown  of GHG emissions from transport sources illustrated in pie graphs:

“the biggest source of transport emissions is cars – and I imagine that’s the main reason why reports of transport emissions have lagged behind. People love their cars. Governments tackle car culture at the peril, fearful of that old tabloid accusation, ‘war on motorists’. But we need to get to grips with car culture. It’s contribution to climate change is too great to give it a free pass”.

This is just one example of how we value, even ‘love’, the convenience of our immediate world ahead of that of our planetary home, in this case, our personal transport resides in our minds and hearts in a far more prominent position than Spaceship Earth. Spaceship Earth transports our entire species and all other species – Life itself – through space.  It cannot be replaced if trashed. Our future generations need us to love it and keep it intact to ensure their existence. When love of transport is concerned we have a profound contradiction, depending on the scale in space and time at which we choose to locate what we value.

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