Climate change

World Meteorological Organisation Report 6 Nov 2017

In recent years the issue of whether human activity is causing dangerous changes to the global atmosphere has been controversial despite the sequence of reports of the scientific consensus in the UN’s IPCC. Vested interests on both sides of the argument claim conspiratorial motives and ‘confirmation bias’ behind the views of their opponents. Here is one view from the BBC which relates to the likely fact that 2014 will  be the hottest year on record globally and in the UK. And here is one update for 2017.  And here another update Sept 2017. This post offers a view from the World Bank on climate change. And here is George Monbiot’s biting critique of in March 2015 of 23 years of wasted UN deliberations on climate change. Just prior to COP21 this report suggests the the one degree Celsius increase in global warming above the 1800-1890 average is about to be reached. Don’t be late – 6 targets for 2020-2050 (video)

Climate modelling “Climate models published since 1973 have generally been quite skillful in projecting future warming”; Drowning cities – predictions with 3C global warming

Mitigation Illusion – a remarkably provocative lecture on why CO2 mitigation (NET – Negative Emission Technologies & BECCS – Biomass Energy & Carbon Capture & Storage) cannot work, Prof. K Anderson  in Oct 2017 (60 mins).  ‘Romantic illusion’ (Pope Francis) that mitigation can deal with the rate of emissions that need to be aero by 2050 if inadequate Paris target of 2C is to be achieved. UN condemns Trump’s ignorance – as does this NOAA update

US Environmental Agency facts about the sources of global emissions of greenhouse gases, and six graphics from the BBC  summarise six related concerns about global warming.

Time  line cleverly and humorously puts global temperature fluctuations through time into a frightening perspective.

Inadequate Paris Agreementarticle exposes the inadequacy of the Paris agreement to limit carbon emissions.  Graph of unfulfilled pledges. – (Nov 2017) no major industrialized country is currently on track to fulfill its pledge. Emissions far above 2C target.  1.5C Paris target problematic – September 2016 agreed target  unlikely to ensure safe sustainable future. New data on record CO2 surge prior to Bonn Meeting Nov 2017. Highest CO2 levels in 3  million years. 

Ozone layer – the celebrated international success of the Montreal Protocol in 1987 is now suffering a setback.

Drawdown – a book edited by Paul Hawken that presents 100 actions to help reduce emissions to zero carbon by 2050, e.g. Carbon Farming

How will climate change affect your grandchildren?  – interview with novelist James Bradley (“Clade”)    Climate Change and Health – this Lancet report tracks effects; Critique of the Lancet research


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