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World Meteorological Organisation Report 6 Nov 2017

UNFCCC 2018 Report – multiple articles

COP24 Katowice Dec 2018

In recent years the issue of whether human activity is causing dangerous changes to the global atmosphere has been controversial despite the sequence of reports of the scientific consensus in the UN’s IPCC. The eight indicators in the above diagram for 2017, capture the worrying trends.  Vested interests on both sides of the argument claim conspiratorial motives and ‘confirmation bias’ behind the views of their opponents. Here is one view from the BBC which relates to the likely fact that 2014 was the hottest year on record globally and in the UK. And here is one update for 2017.  And here another update Sept 2017. This post offers a view from the World Bank on climate change. And here is George Monbiot’s biting critique of in March 2015 of 23 years of wasted UN deliberations on climate change. Just prior to COP21 this report suggests the the one degree Celsius increase in global warming above the 1800-1890 average is about to be reached. Don’t be late – 6 targets for 2020-2050; Summary of 2017 climate events; ‘Global weirding’ – Horizon video; 2017 Global Warming graphs; Why CO2 calculations should be quarterly; Climate change health emergency (Lancet);

ICE MELT – Arctic Sea – Roy Scranton , Harvard (video lecture 90 mins); AntarcticClimate modelling – projecting future warming; Drowning cities – predictions with 3C global warming; Economist article –  “The Paris agreement will not save the Arctic”.  Even if Paris agreement implemented in full, Arctic will warm by between 5ºC and 9ºC above the 1986-2005 winter average. 2017 Arctic Ice and here; End of Arctic ice; Greenland Ice Melt (TED Talk); Thawing permafrost; Book reviews; Sea Level Rise – book review; Ocean currents and polar ice; Update on Greenland Ice Melt – (Nature article, Dec 2018)

SOURCES OF EMISSIONS  of global emissions of greenhouse gases;  Six  graphics from the BBC  summarise global warming concerns; Transport (Global Mobility Report) is responsible for 18% CO2 emissions worldwide largely due to driving and flying; AGW 100% responsible?  Transport tops emissions in UK; Agricultural CO2; 

LONG TERM PERSPECTIVE  global temperature fluctuations;  How will climate change affect your grandchildren?  – interview with novelist James Bradley (“Clade”)    Climate Change and Health – this Lancet report tracks effects; Critique of the Lancet research; Ozone layer –  1987 Montreal Protocol setback; Dec 2017 report on underestimated AGW; Anthropogenic effect on extreme weather; Hurricane trends; Fixing Global Warming; NYC sues oil corporations Jan 2018; Books on Climate & EconomicsMore books Films against Climate Denial; Climate denial in the mediaClimate modelling up to 2300Climate back to 50 million years ago?PARIS AGREEMENT (COP21)exposed.  Graph of unfulfilled pledges. – (Nov 2017) no major industrialized country is currently on track to fulfill its pledge. Emissions far above 2C target.  1.5C Paris target problematic – September 2016 agreed target  unlikely to ensure safe sustainable future. New data on record CO2 surge prior to Bonn Meeting Nov 2017. Highest CO2 levels in 3  million years.       COP23 – key outcomes from Bonn;

CO2 EMISSIONS REDUCTIONS  – 2017 record high; Drawdown – a book edited by Paul Hawken that presents 100 actions to help reduce emissions to zero carbon by 2050, e.g. Carbon Farming;  Mitigation Illusion – NET – Negative Emission Technologies & BECCS – Biomass Energy & Carbon Capture & Storage cannot work to reduce emissions to zero by 2050 to reach Paris target of 2C. UN condemns Trump’s ignorance – as does this NOAA update;  Climate Change as heath hazard – cf. smoking; Decoupling CO2 from transport – graph of emissions decline; Sweden’s new law to end carbon emissions by 2045; Net zero emissions before 2050; Carbon Neutral countries?;  Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) – improbable to scale up; Carbon-neutral Britain? – 5 steps; Plan for UK carbon neutrality;

OCEANS – underestimated heating; 95% CO2 increase goes to oceans;  Hypoxia – deoxygenation of oceans with global warming.

RESPONSES – Geoengineering; Businesses respond (Davos 2018); Myths promoted by Oil companies; Saving San Francisco from sea level rise;  From coal to solar in Port Augusta, S. Australia – video;  Costa Rica – TED Talk; EC proposes carbon neutrality by 2050;

DENIAL – Unprecedented Crime: Climate Science Denial And Game Changers For Survival US Government Agencies’ Report confronts White House denial about climate disruption (Nov. 2018); The Elephant in the COP24 room;

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