New_High-Resolution_Earthrise_ImageThe natural world on our planet arose from the planet’s formation some 4.5 billion years ago as gravity led to the coalescence of cosmic material that came together to orbit around the Sun, the star. The material formed into the solid. liquid and gaseous ‘spheres’ around the spherical surface of the orbiting planet:

  • lithosphere; hydrosphere; atmosphere; cryosphere

From this material world, some one billion years later organic, self-replicating life emerged in the hydrosphere to start the long evolutionary growth of the web of life:

  • biosphere

Recently the human species homo sapiens evolved with the capacity of consciousness and language that was able to create:

  • technosphere (the ‘Machine World’) memosphere (the world of ‘memes’ – information and culture)

This website is concerned with the impact of the newly arrived Machine World (driven by the memosphere) upon the Natural World. This section of the website contains items that concern the natural environment that is now undergoing great change as a result of the impact of the human-created technosphere and memosphere. The impact has led us (now made official) to refer to our present geological era as the Anthropocene Era – the era in which human activity has become the major force shaping the planet’s surface.


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