US & China agree on CO2 cuts

At the APEC meeting in China in November 2014 and historic and rather surprising agreement was made between the leaders of the two nations that produce half the planet’s carbon dioxide (GHG) emissions. Bill Moyers on-line news outlet picked up this news in a celebratory article which predicts that the agreement is

sure to breathe new life into negotiations to reach a new climate treaty in Paris next year.

According to the plan, the United States will reduce carbon emissions 26-28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025, nearly twice the existing target — without imposing new restrictions on power plants or vehicles.

For the first time, China has set a date at which it expects its emissions will “peak,” or finally begin to taper downward: around 2030.

In a follow-up article on Moyers’ site Bill McKibben, leader of the anti-AGW (anthropogenic global warming) campaign, offers 10 responses to the Obama-Xi agreement.

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