Birthday figures

On my birthday in 1940 the earth had 2.3 billion humans. It took the whole of human history ( a couple of million years?) to reach that figure. On my 71st birthday (29.10.2011) four years ago the UN calculated that the 7 billion mark was reached. Yesterday on reaching my three quarter century, the on-line population clock showed that there were over another 0.376 billion additional humans consuming the earth’s resources. That means an extra 94.2 million per year or around 230000 per day! This rate will raise human population from 7 to 8 billion in only 12 years (growing at 1.13% per annum) and in the unlikely event that this growth could be sustained, would cause it to double in the next 61 years.  Nature cannot provide enough to sustain geometrically accelerating human pressure on the earth (needed resources of land, food, water, waste disposal, etc.). In addition to the sheer weight of numbers the global economic system is growing on average three time faster to satisfy not only by basic human ‘needs’, but also human ‘wants’ and ‘greed’. This demand is well beyond what is sufficient for human well-being and the sustainable bio-capacity of the natural world.

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